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Business Insurance

The Wardell group is pleased to provide tailored insurance from Travelers, CNA, and several other Nationally recognized partners.

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Tailored to You

Your business is unique. Forget one-size-fits-all insurance. Get the exact protection your business needs.

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Custom Coverage

Whether you need coverage for the busy season or a short-term policy for a big project, Wardell Insurance for Business can help.

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Fast & Flexible 

Right when you need it. You've got better things to worry about. Ready when you are.

At The Wardell Group, we specialize in keeping your business protected.

Small business insurance safeguards you from claims that could hurt your business, like lawsuits and property damage. This insurance coverage will form the foundation of your small business protection.

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Small Business: Insurance Coverage to Consider

Business Property Insurance

Property insurance can help protect the property your business owns, leases or rents, including things like buildings, equipment, inventory, furniture and fixtures. It provides coverage for loss of accounts receivable and valuable papers and records.


Business Liability Insurance

When it comes to liability protection, the broader the coverage the better. The broader the coverage, the higher the cost. That's why The Wardell Group provides business liability insurance that helps cover your business in the event it is sued for causing harm to a person and/or damage to property. It also helps cover the cost of your defense – because businesses can be sued even if they did nothing wrong.


Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation provides benefits to employees for work-related injuries or illnesses including medical care, wages from lost work time, and more. It also provides a deceased workers’ family with a financial benefit. If a workers’ family decides to sue a company, it can also help cover the related legal fees.


Business Auto

Commercial Auto Insurance helps your business cover the financial costs resulting from an auto accident if you or an employee is found at fault. Commercial auto insurance helps pay for damaged property and medical expenses – even in the event of a fatal accident.

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